Style note #3


I know, right – so stylish. Here’s why:

1. On an extremely obvious level, just look at that colour. I had a pair of Dr Martens like that once (I believe at the time they were referred to as “looking like an oil slick”) and they were amazing. Bowie probably didn’t realise it, but he was totally referencing mackerel skin in the Ziggy Stardust phase.

2. Heard of mackerel tabbies? They’re fabulous felines and their eyes are expertly lined. Get the look with one of the liquid eyeliners that’s almost a felt tip. An impulse duty free purchase has got me hooked on Ecriture de Chanel in black, but the Collection 2000 Fast Stroke one is pretty good too (and ¬£2.99).

3. It’s cheap and delicious and has all sorts of good oils in that will keep your skin nice and happy. Whizz some smoked mackerel in a blender with cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper, and eat it on oatcakes. Yum.

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